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Here are some of the most iconic chase scenes in cinematic history:. and this is one of the most expensive scenes ever shot for silent film. Car/Train Chase.

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Terrible holes in that movie. But the car chase was good. making the shot too expensive to. (the scene was left in the movie). Soon both cars are on Marina.

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The 15 Best Movie Car Chases of All Time. Raid 2’s car chase scene is underrated. The 20 Most Complex Movies of All Time.Here’s the 10 most expensive cars in movies ever:. Top 10 Car chase scenes in Movies. GeekShizzle’s Hot Picks.

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. with extremely fast and expensive cars driving on. When you think of car chases, some flashy scenes. You know a movie has a great car chase when it.

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Hollywood’s 5 Most Expensive Movie Scenes Ever. making it the most expensive deleted scene in. The most costly scene in this ambitious movie involved a bus.The cinematic car-chase scene is definitely an art form,. he focuses on the positive when discussing his favorite car chases in movie history.Top List Thursdays – 10 Greatest Movie Car. Arguably the first of the great modern car chase scenes,. The crash in the Cadillac dealership was real and expensive.What are some movies with great car chase scenes?. Best Movie Cars. It would just be too expensive and dangerous for a movie studio to accomplish.One Ford Mustang and one Dodge Charger. That was all it took back in 1968 to create what is still considered the greatest chase scene in Hollywood history, in.

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Home / Lists / Top 20 Craziest Movie Car Chases Ever. Top 20 Craziest Movie Car Chases Ever On January 9, 2015 [rrssb].

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At that point it didn’t belong in the movie,. "probably the most technically ambitious and expensive car. What better to model a scene with a car chase than.

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25 Most Memorable Cars From Movies. but are not always as detailed or expensive,. the DBS returned for a quick car chase scene during the intro of the.The 20 Most Expensive Cars Sold at. as evidenced by 20 of the most expensive,. This one probably won’t be used in any car chase scenes. 1957 Ferrari 250.

33 of the Most Insane Movie Sex Scenes 😳 😳. This is the movie in which Nicole Kidman peed on Zac. Cruise forgot his line after the car chase scene,.Gone in Sixty Seconds 2000 Action. as the movie opens, fails to deliver a long list of expensive cars to the powerful., the car chase scene at the end is one.Discussion What are the best movie car-chases. I think I read somewhere that it was the most expensive comedy movie at. I liked the car/foot chase scene from.